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If you only play one Spectrum game today, play this one - which is all of them!  

Maybe not quite all of them,  this is my homage to classic Spectrum games.  Explore "Jet-Set-Willy-style" through the maze of Spectrum-themed screens, collecting as many glasses as possible.  Not all the exits are obvious, so you might have to look around carefully if you want to find all 21 screens and collect all 69 bottles!

Keys: O, P and Space or Arrow Keys.  F1 to go full-screen!

Latest Changes:
  • 1.5 - Added a nice end screen.
  • 1.42 - Added some nice CRT effects.
  • 1.041 - Added more sfx and other minor improvements.
  • 1.03 - Fixed jumping power, so it's consistent across different systems.
  • 1.02 - Music and sound effects!
  • 1.01 - Made the player's avatar hitbox thinner so collision detection is more accurate.
  • 0.26 - Made it more obvious that the Lunar Jetman screen is impossible (just like the original game).


  • Not all the rooms are accessed by walking off the edge of a screen.  You need to find the secret exits.
  • Don't try and get past the Lunar Jetman screen.  Just like the original game, it's impossible.
  • A few "exits" are blocked by large enemies (until I add more levels).  There's currently no way past these!


SuperSpectrumWorld_Win-1.5.zip 86 MB

Development log


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Thank you very much!

Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Yes, Sir!

Looks promising homage for Spectrum. Played it a bit until I lost all lives.
Are you planning to add music more fitting to AY-3-8910 sound chip?

Thanks for the feedback.  If I come across any actual Spectrum music I'll add it to the game, but I'm working on other projects now and only tweaking this game and fixing bugs.


This is ace! If you lose a life in the Jetpac room, should the bit of rocket that allows you to fly re-spawn? Otherwise you need to leave the room and re-enter?

Glad you like the game.  Thanks for pointing that out (I guess I must have never died on that screen with the Jetpac).  I've just fixed it, so now the jetpac is re-spawned.  Cheers!

Thank you so much :-) I don't suppose there's an authentic retro infinite lives poke is there?

Not yet, but there will be a small update soon with something like that in it.  I'm also smoothing out some of the slopes, like the giant "arms" on the R-Type level.

There is now a cheatcode.  It's Jet Set Willy related. :)

Excellent! Thank you! Although even 999 lives may still not be enough for me. ;-)


Ha!  Well done on finding it. 

I don't know if you noticed the new couple of tips I wrote on the page, but don't bother trying to get past the Jetman screen. It will cost you all those lives. :)


Great stuff!  I'm having a lot of fun.  Thanks so much for making this. :)


Hello! Nice game, thanks for sharing!

There is a crash bug if you go left or right from the screen with Sqij! at the top, it freezes and prints the following error:

GwtApplication: exception: Unknown direction: Left
Unknown direction: Left

(or right, depending on which direction you take)

Thanks a lot for letting me know about the bug.  I've just fixed it and updated the game.  Cheers!