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Stellar Forces is a free online multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Take control of your elite squad and defeat your opponents in one of over 100 different missions. Join games that are waiting for an opponent or start your own, then equip your units and away you go. All your units are under your control and they can move, shoot and use equipment, whether its an barren planet, space station or alien-infested moonbase. No two games are ever the same.

Visit http://www.stellarforces.com for more information

This game was originally a remake of Laser Squad, which was the precursor to X-Com.  It has been added to over the years, and now has far more missions, unit types, maps, weapons and equipment.

Twitter: @stephencsmith

Mastodon: @stephensmith@mastodon.gamedev.place

This game has now been running for over 10 years with over 50,000 games played!


StellarForces-1.4.jar 8 MB

Install instructions

Just run the jar file with Java.

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