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This game is commentware - please leave a comment (on any forum) if you wish to see more development!

Lost in the Game is a trip through various ZX Spectrum games recreated in 3D.  You must complete each game in order to progress to the next one.  Each level is a relatively accurate recreation of the original game, with the same objectives.  Some knowledge of the original games is probably an advantage.

It's early in development with only a few games added, but plenty more are planned.

* W, A, S and D - Move and strafe.
* Mouse to look around.
* F1 to toggle full-screen


  • Programmed by Stephen Smith
  • Graphics by the original games authors
  • Sound effects by Shiru (http://shiru.untergrund.net/)
  • Music by Matthew Pablo (http://www.matthewpablo.com)

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the executable.


LostInTheGame_Win.zip 102 MB


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Eh... I've finished 1st level, see "Exiit apperas" and... nothing happens. No exit on board :(

It should be somewhere around the edge.  Just like the original game. :)


This is flipping AWESOME! Daren White would be chuffed to see this! Loving it a lot! Nice one Steve!

Thanks, glad you liked it!  (I just had to google who Daren White was :) )


Man, this is a good game - though Gulpman is very tricky: I keep starting in a 1x1 dead-end, FYI. 

Thanks.  I'll have a look.  Are you sure there's no way to move behind you?