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who made that wonderful music....

The excellent intro music is by Tamás Webnyelv ( )

Superb remak and ArtWork or BrainWork), thank you very much!

Now you are famous in Brazil too!!!

Soon I won't be able to step outside for fear of being mobbed! ;)

This looks fantastic!   :D


Thanks!  Level 2 is coming soon....

Do Sabre Wulf!

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I am currently trying to decide which game to do next (in between adding more content to the existing games), but I'm afraid that creating animated rhinos, wolves and spiders etc.. make Sabre Wulf a step too far for my artistic skills. :(

absolutely awesome...tricky as hell!

Just finished first level - hope you manage to complete some more.

My screen  seemed too dark and couldnt find any options, but your youtube video showed a lot more detail than i could see on the gun.  

(Windows version)

Keep up the excellent work!  loving the retrospec feel of it all - great interpretation of a great game.   

I think the original character could kneel also, so maybe a C or CTRL to crouch option might be a good move also.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.  I did mess about with the lighting for the new version I released yesterday (both versions are still available to download) and I may have made it too dark to emphasise the shadows, so I might adjust it back.  And I'll add a "crouch" feature, although I'm not sure how useful it will be in this version!

That's nice! Is it possible to make macOS version? I can test it, of course.

And by the way, do you consider to make some kind of modern FPS remake or even sequel? With new graphics, no so "linear" levels etc?

Like, I don't know, Duke Nukem 3D after Duke Nukem II?

I've just uploaded a Mac version.  Let me know if it works!

Regarding a new "modern" version, I think that would stop it being Exolon.  It would just be another FPS with "retro" graphics?  However, if I can think of another Spectrum game with less linear levels that would work as an FPS, that would be ideal.

Works like magic, thanks! Of course it shows "Application from unidentified developer" at first start (like many apps without Apple certificate, I suppose), so maybe you need to add some kind of instruction to open you game with Ctrl+Right Click and then Open. Or just add a link to this article:

Regarding "another FPS" - I feel you, of course. But I think Exolon is more than just walking on straight line and shooting ) I think rocket launcher, shooting color balls, teleports, turrets, exoskeleton suit etc - it all creates Exolon-like atmosphere. Anyways, looking for full version of this game and another games.

Oh, by the way, is it possible to add self shadow? Because it's very hard to pass through ground traps without it.

Thanks a lot for letting me know, and thanks for the link to those instructions.  I'll add them to the listing.  I'm slowly tweaking the game (some people complained that the balls don't move up and down!) and things like that so I'll add a self-shadow in the next release.

You're welcome!

Surely there should be a Linux version!

Do you have Linux?  If so, let me know and I'll create a Linux version, and you'll have to tell me if it works. :)

Yes, I am permanent Linux user and I am ready to help you anytime

Thanks.  I've just added a Linux version.  I don't have a Linux PC at the moment, so please let me know if it works.

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Downloaded and was able to play without any issues! I beleive it is absolutely functional (tested on Ubuntu 20.04)

Thanks a  lot, that's great news.  I didn't realise it would be so easy.