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This is a partial recreation (11 rooms as of writing this) of the classic ZX Spectrum game Alien 8, originally developed and published by Ultimate Play-the-Game.

The aim of the game is to drop the 4 "plugs" into the 4 "sockets".  Once this is done you have completed the game.  Currently, only the first 11 or so rooms are implemented, but this is a self-contained game and can be completed.

If you manage to complete this game, let me know and I'll add more rooms  Also, any messages of encouragement are much appreciated!


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Alien8_Win-1.2.zip 18 MB
Alien8_Linux-1.2.zip 18 MB
Alien8_Mac-1.2.zip 19 MB

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Nice as always. By the way, if you've already made all these levels, did you consider to make third person mode? I mean, mode which on first sight looks more or less like original, but you can rotate and move camera?

That's a good idea  My biggest challenge will be creating an animated robot, but at least he doesn't have legs.  That's what's prevented me creating a 3rd-person Exolon.

Oh, great! Gonna wait for it then. By the way, idea of 3d-person Exolon is also great. What kind of 3rd person? Side view or from behind? So the only problem is animation? Maybe you can ask user for help? it's a long shot, but still.

Do you think this looks okay, or needs a bit of tweaking?

Nice! But perhaps the camera should be placed even further. By the way, is it possible to make fixed camera mode? Like pseudo-isometric view?

So, er, make it look exactly like the original? ;)

That's nuts. Love how you've gone 3D but kept the graphics the same. It's like being in the Speccy version!! :o)

Thanks.  It's the new Tron!

Looks interesting!  :)


Thanks, let me know what you think if you play it. :)

I wonder what the Stomper brothers could say if they could have seen it in 80's.

That's an unexpected one! macOS version please? I can test it of course.

'Tis done. :)

Works like a charm although you app named Exolon again )

Oops, thanks for letting me know.  I'll do an update soon.

Nice! More levels?

Thanks!  I'm currently creating level 2 of Exolon, but once that's finished, it's next on my list (or near the top, anyway:) ).